Thousands of words?

 If a picture is worth a thousand words, how many thoughts is it worth? If you were to ask me and Emily to come up with one thousand words to describe each of these pictures, I imagine we’d get stuck well before we reached a hundred. 

But ask us to tell you the story of what God did in the space of time between the two pictures, and you may or may not regret you ever asked. 

The picture on the left was our first Christmas as husband and wife. To my recollection it was also the last picture of us standing together. The accident that would change our lives was the next morning. The picture on the right was taken eight years later. In the space of time between these two photos, God spared our lives, changed our lives and gave us two new lives. 

I honestly don’t have much commentary to give in this post. We just wanted to remind you of God’s goodness on this eighth anniversary of God redirecting our lives. 

Take a look at some of your old pictures, easy or hard. How has God directed your life and challenged your heart since then?