Facebook Statuses from the Week of the Accident

Below are some Facebook statuses from the night of our accident that we have saved over the years.

PLEASE pray for my brother and sister in law Lane and Emily. They were in a serious car accident tonight. Emily is ok, and my brother Lane is undergoing brain surgery right now. Please pray.

12/26/12 Graham Bargeron

As I sit at my precious husband’s bedside with nurses/docs swarming about I am incredibly amazed at what God is doing and has already done through Lane and I’s traumatic accident yesterday. Lane is and will continue to be on major sedation following his surgery last night (to decrease brain swelling). We’ll find out the next several days once they wean him off the ventilator how well he’s able to breath himself at this point initially. I as Lane’s wife and best friend have never felt so vulnerable and helpless in my life. The doctors and nurses (and our parents) here have taken incredible care of both of us and see to it that all our needs are met though, for which I am eternally grateful. With only pain/anti nausea meds on board for me at this time (staples placed in my head/ scrapes & bruising all over), I am more grateful than ever to be here for my incredible husband at this time. Your prayers don’t go unheard, please continue in the days to come as Lane is here in the Hospital. Boldly approaching the throne of grace today,

Emily (for my incredible fighter Lane, too)

PS. We’re especially grateful for the Bruce’s that came and sat with us yesterday at the hospital in OH until our parents could come. It meant so much to have someone at my side that knew and loved us following the most frightening moment of my life.

12/27/12 Emily Bargeron

Just sang several songs Lane loves and read scripture out loud to my precious husband. He remains in an induced coma of sorts, with vitals remaining stable..which will be important as he’s weaned off sedation tomorrow. Praising God for EVERY step. Thanks for your continued prayers, especially tomorrow. I’m feeling much better and will have my staples removed in 10 days. An example of my incredible husband’s creativity: We always place our car trip food/coolers in front of my feet on the passenger side. The person that removed me from the car said my legs could have been crushed were it not for everything between my feet and the front of the car. My husband is so smart. And God is SO good!

12/28/12 Emily Bargeron

In a matter of minutes Lane’s sedation will begin to very slowly be turned down. We so desperately need your prayers. Praising God how far we’ve gotten thus far.

12/29/12 Emily Bargeron

Third day prayer. Thanks Lord for everything you have done for Lane and Emily . I just pray tomorrow when the doctors wake him up we could be successful. And also dear Father I just pray that we can get a 100% Lane back. Also thanks Lord you let the whole family stay strong and support each other, especially Emily, never seen a lady would stay as strong as her after all these happened. I also pray that Lord you can give my parents and the Davis’ peace , and hopefully Lane could get better soon and stay out of the pain. Jesus name AMEN!

12/29/12 Jason (Bargeron) Xu

Sitting here in the peace God has granted in Lane’s room. He has been breathing on his own for a short while with the help of CPAP. We have seen his hands and head move several times and are so grateful for every small movement. We will provide more updates later on – but for now we are encouraged that he will be waking up one day soon.

12/30/12 Gary Bargeron (Dad)

Words cannot begin to express how grateful I am for all of your prayers tonight and in the days to come. My baby is sleeping well with no medicated sedation, just pain control (brain swelling and leftover meds in system=lots of sleepiness, which he needs at this point). Praying he’ll sleep well tonight so tomorrow we can see more movements (hands and legs moved today). Taking this journey one moment at a time, and finding God’s grace more sufficient than ever.

Standing forever proudly by my man until we leave this place together,


12/30/12 Emily Bargeron

Fifth day prayer. Dear Father thank you so much you gave the whole family peace. Let the whole family get through the hard time. Thanks Lord you gave us a good year even though we got hard time but the reminds us to keep praying and serving you. Thanks Lord you let Lane and Emily to be strong and fight this. I just pray for the new year my brother could get better and better, and hopefully we can get a 100%Lane back. Lord I also pray for all the people who helped us just hope they can have a nice year and we really appreciate all your helping and prayers. I also pray for mom and dad, I pray they could have a good New Year Eve in Ohio and hopefully we could get some good news from them tonight! And Jesus name AMEN! Happy New Year We are good here with everyone’s help!

12/31/12 Jason (Bargeron) Xu

Lane did so great today. Was off sedation from morning on throughout the whole day. He is fighting hard. He has pneumonia that they are treating but its causing some trouble with the ventilator and all. It’s so difficult to watch him try to cough up all the gunk in his lungs with the ventilator down his throat, but he’s been doing so wonderfully. Emily has been beside him to wipe every tear and to wipe away every bead of sweat. It’s beautiful to see. He has not been able to completely wake up yet, but we are definitely getting closer. He tried so hard today but just couldn’t quite make it. No big deal. We will all be there tomorrow to root him on again. Once he is fully awake all the tubes and wires are going to be really bugging him so it’s probably good he’s not fully awake yet.

12/31/12 Beth Bargeron (Mom)

I’ve continuously been reminded of the NTBI Waukesha’s Presidents chapel the past couple days. He shared that the ONLY thing that went through his mind as his family was torn apart in their accident was Isaiah 43: “Do not fear, for I have redeemed you; I have called you by name; you are Mine! When you pass through the waters, I will be with you; And through the rivers, they will not overflow you. …When you walk through the fire, you will not be scorched, Nor will the flame burn you. “For I am the Lord your God, The Holy One of Israel, your Savior.” Praising God for the truth of his word today. And recognizing more with each day as I sit beside my Lane the vitality of FILLING my mind with scripture. SO looking forward to another day beside my man.

1/2/13 Emily Bargeron