Fixing Our Eyes on the Unseen

As of last Friday our precious Nyra Jane is 6 months old. We’ve been soaking up every opportunity to cuddle her, rock her, and read to her because we’ve heard these moments pass by all too quickly.

Since our last post we’ve been able to spend time with both of our families, so Nyra was able to meet, interact with, and get loved on by almost all of her aunts and uncles. She loves and thrives on interaction with people. With her Bargeron aunts and uncles she was able to swim in a pool and see a lighthouse for the first time. She also took her first boat ride and just loves ‘babble’ and play time with all 4 of her Davis girl cousins. We cherish these sweet times with our loved ones.

 With Nyra having turned 6 months last Friday, Lane’s first Father’s Day this past Sunday, and Lane’s birthday this coming Friday (tomorrow), we have much to look to our Heavenly Father in thankfulness for. Each of these events all have the common thread of the precious gift of life. We had no idea we’d have the privilege of celebrating (again or for the first) any of these after our accident. Not only has our gracious Father allowed us to celebrate my wonderful husband’s 24th birthday this week, but because Lane lived through the accident we are able to celebrate the gift of our precious daughter’s life and his fatherhood. We are constantly reminded that our good Father didn’t have to allow any of these gifts but he did. By this we are sobered, encouraged, and our hearts are overwhelmed with gratitude.

Our days as a family have otherwise been filled with Nyra’s feedings, playtime, and diaper changes, grocery runs, reading together, walks outside,  Lane’s therapy, outings together or with friends, and sleeping while we can. For the time being I am able to assist as one of Lane’s caregivers so I don’t have to work outside the home. This is a tremendous blessing as I am able to first and foremost be a wife and mama, then Lane’s caregiver as needed. In the near future Lane will be starting vocational rehab so please be praying with us that his vocational therapist will be able to assist him in finding work with his computer-related abilities.

Please also continue to pray that we’d find our encouragement, contentment, strength and perseverance only in Christ. And that we’d persevere in patience where God has us right now, not anxiously wondering what the future might hold. Some days as we look around us, our situation, our ongoing needs, or what’s before us today, it’s nothing short of overwhelming and discouraging. From the world’s eyes we’ve often been asked how we remain joyful or are even able to press on despite our circumstances. And as I’ve said in multiple posts, there are days that are incredibly hard. Christ didn’t promise that we’d have lives free of pain or grief on this earth. Nor does our grief or pain mean Christ doesn’t remain good. On days we choose to dwell only on our physical abilities/disabilities though our joy is quickly sapped and it does seem impossible to press on. This is why the source of our joy, encouragement, contentment and strength simply cannot come from anything within us, regardless of what the world attempts to say. Another reminder why we must fix our eyes not on what is momentary but what is eternal and unseen as we face affliction in this life (2 Corinthians 4:18). I was greatly challenged as I came across this blog the other day that speaks of how to stand beside, encourage, and pray for someone who is going through grief or a difficult circumstance. One specific paragraph reminded me of a truth I’ve been reminded of time and time again–
             “People can have great faith and feel great pain at the same time. Pain is not a sign of  weak faith. Many have testified that their faith and recognition of God’s providing hand was strongest during their toughest trials.”

The  entire blog post can be found here

Thank you for continuing to pray for and stand beside us in the trying moments as well as the times of celebration. The discouraging (yet encouraging) aspect of a TBI is that there is no specific “pathway to recovery”, certain amount of meds to take before one is healed, or even prognosis of whether or not an individual will be able to recover 100%. The hardest question that we’ve been asked (by well meaning friends/family/strangers) from the beginning is how long the doctor is saying recovery will take. With grace we’ve attempted to explain that we have no idea, nor does anyone but God. What Lane will continue to do though is press on with therapy and whatever else his doctors recommend while being a spiritual leader/learner, husband, and father foremost.  We are so grateful that this injury nor should any difficult circumstances in this life ultimately define us. We hope you are encouraged by this truth today.

  With Christ as our guide and greatest certainty we choose to rest in His promise that He will never leave or forsake us.  Looking to the author and perfecter of our faith as we take on today,

Emily (for Lane and Nyra)

                                                          Chillin’ with Daddy in the sun!


  Nyra’s first big pool experience. She LOVED it!:)

                                                        Our precious girl is 6 months!

                                                                    First Father’s Day:)