Prayer Request

With Lane continuing therapy at home in the near future and needing more space for equipment and his continued independence with his power chair etc, we’ve decided that it’s time for our family to begin the house searching process. We’ve found the general area we desire to live in but finding a house that meets our various needs plus being in a great neighborhood (and being within our budget) is not real easy. Will you join us in praying that we will find this home in God’s timing? Lane’s no fault auto insurance is going to assist with modifications to make ONE home completely accessible but we’re having a difficult time finding a house with a very open floor plan with most of the living area on the first floor, as it will need to be one that we are ok with living in indefinitely. And when we do find homes that are this style they are often thousands beyond our budget or would need modifications hugely beyond what insurance will do. Please join us in praying for wisdom. Pray also for our contentment and peace in recognizing that if it is the time we should move, God will provide in whatever ways we need. Even if that means teaching us contentment while we wait and work towards that goal. We SO appreciate and covet your continued support in prayer!