A picture of the past, a hope for the future

This photo popped up in our news feed a couple days ago. Some days it’s impossible to look at photos of our “pre-accident” life without crippling heartache. Why us? Why just 7 months into our marriage? Why hasn’t there been more physical improvement in the past 7 years with Lane’s strenuous daily therapy routine and desire to push himself harder than every day before? 
We have pre- and post-accident photos scattered throughout our home for the very purpose of showing our kids, caregivers and friends that although life may now look so drastically different and complicated from the outside, our true identity remains unchanged. 

Jesus was our life then and he is now. And because of him we want to be able to share the hope that remains, and growth and joy that has been possible despite Lane’s earthly body’s inability to do what it once did. 

Apart from the hope and peace Jesus has equipped us with, we would be stuck wallowing in the “why’s” that so often attempt to rob our peace in this hard. Yes, our “new normal” will continue to bring moments and days and seasons of difficulty and undoubtedly continued why’s, but we are so very thankful that in Jesus we have the greatest certainty and answer we ever need. It is tempting to despair when we look back at photos like this. And honestly, we do grieve over what Lane is currently unable to do, longing for his neural connections to be reestablished (neuroplasticity) so his physical abilities will return. For this we won’t cease praying. 

But we rejoice because our grief doesn’t define us, nor does my groom’s disability. In all this we find hope in Jesus, knowing the best is yet to come! 

We greatly covet your continued prayer,

2 Corinthians 5:1-7