Adaptive Equipment!

Lane and I are becoming quite familiar with adaptive equipment these days. Although its not what we’d ever imagined we would need as we raised our first child, this is life for the time being and we’re SO grateful for the grace and strength AND people that God gives us one day and moment at a time. We are daily encouraged and amazed by Lane’s therapists at his new facility and are being pointed in tremendous directions as far as child care/adaptive equipment for kids. Lane’s OT specifically asked to see our registry the other day so she could help with adding things that will be an extra help for Lane and/or I, and will continue to work on adaptive child care type helps with Lane. So blessed by this woman and encouraged by her knowledge and desire to see Lane and I adapt well to our BIG upcoming change. We can’t describe in words how thrilled we are for the birth of our child, but having these people that are cheering us on and helping equip us in these kinds of ways gives us a an extra amount of excitement to take on this beautiful challenge.

We appreciate your continued prayer as we continue to prepare for this incredible blessing!

Check out the newest thing Lane’s OT has shown us…..  So cool!