Nyra Jane Bargeron

Our precious baby is HERE!!

On December 19th our sweet Nyra Jane entered the world and we’re completely smitten! We’ve absolutely loved every moment of snuggling her, reading to her,  watching her grow, and seeing her personality begin to emerge. We are SO thankful for this beautiful gift from God. We’ll continue to post on this blog as we are able, but it will be much less often. As we move forward with life as we know it Lane and I will continue to post occasional updates re his therapy etc but the focus of this blog will be more of what we’re learning and taking on with life as a family of 3.

We appreciate your prayer as we begin the intensely wonderful journey of parenthood. Pray that we’d look to Christ for the daily strength that we need and that we’d be point our daughter to Him even in our weaknesses and frailties. Next month is Lane’s long-awaited Baclofen pump surgery. Please join us in prayer as he undergoes the surgery but also afterwards as his therapists work with the potentially positive effects of his decreased tone.


Emily (proud wife and mama!)