July Update

We’re celebrating 16 weeks of our precious child’s life today! December 30th can’t come soon enough! We had our monthly OB check up on Friday and everything is going great. Thankfully I’ve been feeling really good too with minimal nausea/headaches/morning sickness.

Lately Lane has been working really hard on becoming independent with his power wheelchair. They practice it in PT about 3 times a week, as it’s one of his biggest goals for the time being (along with his other physical strengthening/standing/taking steps etc). We are so grateful for modern technology, as this is about the 3rd type of power wheelchair (controller) he has tried…and so far it’s definitely working the best. It’s called the Sip n Puff system, meaning he controls it with a mouth piece. It’s may or may not be what he uses long term, but we are grateful and glad for any independence he can have. I am daily encouraged by his diligence and hard work with all they place before him.

Another area Lane has gotten proficient with is his eye gaze computer system. He is not only able to communicate via email/social media etc, but found a way text me while I’m away and is a huge help with online ordering, paying bills etc. With his love for reading and everything being electronic these days he’s also able to read some via his computer. As time allows this will also be a way through which he can work (he is currently looking for ideas if y’all know of any part time online jobs).

Hoping you are enjoying your summer, dear friends and family. Thank you for your continued prayer. For Lane’s continued physical healing, our ever growing baby, and our walks with Christ and marriage above all.

Pressing on in His strength,

Emily (for Lane and our baby B:)