Work Update

Last summer I wrote about looking for work. The response was immediate and I lost count of all the suggestions, references and offers. I’ve been meaning to post an update since then, but apparently my time management skills aren’t advanced enough to both work and keep this blog up to date…

 One of the opportunities presented to me was a chance to write blog articles for Smart Barn, a company that creates and provides wireless monitoring systems for the agriculture industry. The owner and staff were and have been gracious in working with me from the start despite my lack of education or experience (especially considering that my farming knowledge doesn’t exceed singing “Old MacDonald” with Nyra).

They also set me up with a freelancing website called Upwork, through which I’ve been able to find small writing jobs here and there to gain experience and build a portfolio. Thus far I haven’t been raking in the dough by any means, but I’m gaining experience like a college freshman gains weight. Experience doesn’t pay bills, I know, but I’ve learned the hard way what every young man hates to learn: there is no such thing as “fast money” for people willing to earn it honestly (Jed Clampett ain’t real, y’all).

Since I was a kid I’ve always had this dream of going out into the world every day from 9-5 to slay dragons and bring home the bacon for my wife and kids. I think that desire to provide (however exaggerated the dream) is good, right and grounded in the Word of God. But when God in His wisdom saw fit to take away my ability to work at all (much less to provide for my family), my lifelong assumption that I would always be my family’s breadwinner and bodyguard was smashed to pieces like so many other things were.
But I’m learning that, although His provision often looks different than we expect or may desire, God always provides what we need (Luke 12:22-31). For the past four years, He’s provided for us through insurance, Emily’s job(s), and the generosity of friends and strangers. We’re confident in His faithful and continued provision, whatever it looks like.

But I’m also really enjoying being able to work again.