House for Lane and Emily

We are beyond words grateful for this fundraiser that has begun and is rapidly being spread by so many of you! Thank you foremost for your continued prayer, but also for your unending support now, nearly 3 years post-accident. Lane and I look to Christ daily in thankfulness for the gift of still being able to take on this fleeting life together. Yes, the past 3 years have not been short of tear filled nights and emotionally & physically painful days but we can say in all honesty that they’ve made our bond with our Savior and each other all the more beautiful. One of our most current difficulties has been finding a house within our budget that also meets our extensive accessibility needs. Please check out this site to learn more. We don’t know what tomorrow holds but we sure are thankful we know who holds it. Oh that we would learn to trust Him more. Thank YOU for being willing to be used by our Heavenly Father today! “A House for Lane and Emily”